February 14, 2011

More Shameless Self-Aggrandizement

Quick note that a certain journal article has been covered by both International Science Grid This Week and HPCwire.

The HPCwire article is especially interesting as it calls us out for asking the tough questions. So be it -- HPC requires a balanced environment for productive science. You can't print a hundred terabyte dataset, nor can you build a hundred trillion pixel power wall. So if you need to build a machine that generates large datasets, you also need to plan for a post-processing environment capable of extracting the science. The exact mix of hardware, software, and skinny guys will depend on the site, but it's not something that good HPC sites ignore.

And yes, I realize that those questions are substantially less tough for me at a dot com, as compared to the co-authors who are at various dot edu and dot gov sites. Of course, that mix of employers also indicates that a lot of sites are thinking about this and "doing it right".

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