February 9, 2011

Errata and What's in a Name

A little behind the scenes at ROC....

I really do write these entries over coffee. My self-imposed time limit for blogging is about 20 minutes, so I can usually queue up a couple short articles or part of a code example before I need to go back to earning a living. The short time limit insures that I can write throughout the week, but also means splitting the longer posts and code examples across writing sessions. I think this works OK for the topics I'm posting on -- with programming there's not any urgency to be current like a political blog would face (poor Andrew Sullivan).

As a result of the 20-and-out policy, my (lack of) proofreading may allow errors to slip through. For minor typos and thinkos, I will just make corrections to the published articles silently. If I need to make a major change to a code example, I'll make a note of it on the post for those who have already cut-and-pasted the broken version. If I somehow manage to post a non-working code example or tip, I will self-flagellate with a length of cat5 cable.

While I'm on this topic, the name Results Over Coffee was inspired by a giveaway. The 2010 GPU Technology Conference gave away coffee mugs that featured the phrase "Results over coffee, not overnite". Unlike most conference chotchkies, the GTC mugs are pretty nice (insulated ceramic), and I often use mine when working in my home office. I happened to be drinking from it on the same day I was figuring out what to call the blog I'd be writing 20min at a time. The coincidence seemed too good to ignore, so I borrowed part of the phrase for a blog title.

A trip to register.com later, here we are. Still on my things to do list is blogging some coffee reviews. As a preview, I'm doing this entry over a cup of Barefoot Coffee's Michicoy, which is absolutely wonderful out of a press pot. Life is good.

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