January 17, 2011

First Post: 2010 in Review

My name is Dale Southard. I'm a senior solution architect with NVIDIA, where I cover primarily high-performance computing and cloud computing. Results Over Coffee (ROC) is my blog, and I'll be posting on HPC and Cloud as well as some how-to information on programming GPUs, integrating them in Linux clusters, and whatever else I can cover over a cup of coffee. When I'm posting here, I'm speaking for me, not NVIDIA (even if I am posting about NVIDIA hardware or software).

I've often compared my work at NVIDIA to being a professional debugger -- I spend a lot of time working with very new hardware and software in new and complicated deployments. It's a lot of work, a lot of fun, and I feel lucky to be doing it for NVIDIA. In 2010, my personal high points were:
I have long viewed GPU Computing as a disruptive technology for high-performance computing and I am excited to have a ringside while it unfolds. ROC will be my place to share thoughts, tips, and hopefully have some fun.

So, welcome to ROC. There's more to come...

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